Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is an incredible city in southern Croatia, located directly on the sea. Walking through the Old Town of Dubrovnik it is a shock to realize how recently the city was destroyed by the conflicts in the 1990’s, as the entire Old Town has been rebuilt so that you would never know there had been a war in the city. The relaxed, comfortable feel of the Old Town is an ideal vacation spot.

Dubrovnik, Croatia rooftopsSightseeing & Museums
Surrounding the Old Town, the Walls of Dubrovnik, are a well known historical site that are well worth the walk to give you a bird’s eye view of the city as well as the opportunity to see outside of the Old City to the more modern streets surrounding it. Taking the funicular from just outside of the walls of the Old City up to the top of Mount Srd is well worthwhile to get the best possible view of the town. At the top of Mount Srd is also a great, newly created museum dedicated to the history of the recent conflicts to give insights into what happened.

Due to the large number of tourists in Dubovnik, many of the shops in Dubrovnik will accept Euros. They will also often allow a discount for paying in cash, up to 10% in some cases, so be sure to inquire before paying for your purchases. Dubrovnik does have a variety of smaller, boutique shops with designer clothing, though in some cases it may not be the cheapest city to purchase some of the high end brands in. For local merchandise check out Casa Croatica, where you can purchase items made by locals as well as olive oils, brandies and wines from the local region.

Pubs, bars & clubs
Weather permitting, there are numerous cafes and bars around the city, located in many of the small squares. Sky Bar is one of the few bars that does offer free Wi-Fi if you make a purchase. For something a little different, check out Mala Buza, located outside of the walls on a small outcropping. If you want nightlife with live music check out Trubadur.

Rated number one on TripAdvisor for a reason, Restaurant Dubrovnik, offers a great atmosphere with it’s rooftop terrace and incredible food for quite reasonable prices. The seafood is fresh and the menu offers some local dishes if you want to get a taste of Croatian cuisine. If you enjoy a meat heavy meal, try Taj Mahal, which features a variety of Bosnian cuisines, located in a small, quaint side street of the Old City.

Check out a sample 10 day Croatia itinerary to ensure you see all the best sites, including Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Travel Information
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