How to get free drinks in Las Vegas

When you are heading to Las Vegas one of the most important things to realize is that there are a few major casino companies that run the town and they are all competing for your business. Use this to your advantage by joining the memberships of each of them. Yes, you will need to deal with some email promotions and direct mail pieces, but these are often great deals even if you are not a big gambler.

The most important thing to remember is to always use your players card, even if you are only gambling a minimal amount like the penny slots. These machines actually give you more points for the length of time you are playing rather than just the amount per bet. The waitresses may be a little slower to come around in the areas where the cheaper slots are but with a semi-decent tip they will be back quickly – it is still cheaper than buying your drinks outright.


At the bar is one of the places you can most quickly rack up some points as well as getting your drinks for free. Most casinos have a minimum that you need to be playing in order to get your drinks for free now. However, there are simple ways to do this without breaking the bank. Find a machine at a bar that has a lower maximum, such as $1. While you are sitting, put your $10 into the machine and bet the maximum. Remember, while you may need to bet the maximum to get your drinks for free, there is no rule on how quickly you need to play!

Feel free to also cash out without losing your investment. Breaking even is winning in Las Vegas.

More information about joining casino rewards programs and the most prominent ones in Las Vegas.

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