Flying Porter Airlines for the first time

I took my first roundtrip flight on Porter Airlines and overall I was impressed — legroom, courteous employees, free drinks. Did I mention legroom and comfortable seating? The flight was a quick 1 hour and 45 minutes between Boston and Toronto but overall was a good experience, even with some delays on the way back (more info on that later).


Fares and affordability

Porter was the cheapest flight to my destination of Toronto from Boston, but best of all they fly into Billy Bishop airport, which is located in downtown Toronto, so I’d likely have chosen them anyway. You are also not attacked by fees with Porter giving you free items including your first checked bag, beer and wine on the flight and a small snack.

Baggage on Porter Airlines

Porter has fairly strict guidelines for carry ons, in that they cannot exceed 9 kilograms (9 pounds), which is not very heavy. However, unlike so many airlines these days, the first checked bag is free so it was a non issue. There is not a lot of overhead storage space in the cabin in the flight that I took in a smaller prop plane (I am not a fan of planes with propellers to start with).

In Toronto

Porter-loungeFlying into Billy Bishop airport means you are pretty much downtown when you land. It is a bit annoying that you have to take a ferry about 40 feet from the airport to the other side of a canal which makes getting out of the airport a bit of a hassle. To make things easier once you’re off the island there is a free shuttle that takes you directly downtown and drops you off right by the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

When flying out of Toronto it’s great (can cheap) to have the option of the free shuttle to take you to the ferry dock of the airport. Beware that in the lounge your options are extremely limited for snacking and there are no stores or shops. However, there is a completely free lounge area with soda, nuts, cookies, coffee and basic amenities, which is incredible for an airline to offer to all passengers these days.

Overall rating for Porter Airlines

Although my flight was delayed on the return, because I was at the airport early they were able to get me on an earlier one. That one was also delayed and ended up leaving later than my originally scheduled flight. However, they were friendly and accommodating while explaining the situation (which they explained in a follow up email was due to their telecom provider and not their actual system). Despite the waiting around and sitting on the floor of the cramped lounge area in Toronto I’d still recommend flying Porter Airlines; the trip north went very smoothly and the airline in general was professional and courteous, something I’m not longer used to or expect when heading to the airport.

Porter Airlines information

Address Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1A1
Telephone 1-888-619-8622
Website Fly Porter Website
Facebook Porter on Facebook
Twitter Porter on Twitter


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