5 Things to do Around Ubud

Ubud is the undisputed capital of yoga in Bali. The community is very geared toward yoga and healthy living when you look a websites and read reviews. It is that, but it is also much more.

Temples around Ubud

There are many temples in the area around Ubud. I rented a scooter and hit up all of them in one day. This included Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul and Goa Gajah. If, for some reason, you can only do one, go to Goa Gajah. The gaping mouth cave and the gardens beyond the temple are unique and incredible.

Do yoga

The Yoga Barn is the famous, most popular yoga studio in Ubud. There are classes ranging from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Yoga barn classes

Tegalalang Rice terraces

For the adventurous, (and those who have some extra cash) you can choose to swing over these rice paddie valleys. For everyone else, you can walk through or dine at one of the restaurants looked over these tiered rice paddies. The view is exceptional.

Monkey Forest Sanctuary

A quick walk, ten minute walk from the main street of Ubud, the Monkey Forest Sanctuary is an un-fenced area where a ton of monkeys live. The grounds are well kept and clean. You wander around, check out some architecture and mini-temples while the monkeys hang out around you.

Watch your belongings, as the monkeys are thieves. I saw more than one monkey steal things from unsuspecting visitors, ranging from a water bottle to food. You can buy bananas to feed them but try to do so near the handlers that work where lest you end up in a fist fight with a monkey. It is not going to end well for you.

Have a Lychee Martini

My favorite little restaurant in Ubud is Mingle – they have 2 for 1 specials for happy hour and their Lychee Martini is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. Their food is quite good and the people watching from the deck area seating is 5-stars.

Where to stay

I stayed at Shreya Guest House and loved it. It is a one-bedroom home within a small community just off the main street of Ubud. The price was very reasonable. There are two floors (bedroom and bathroom are upstairs with a balcony). Downstairs is a full kitchen and dining area.

Book a room in Bali

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