Hot air balloon ride – San Diego

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do look no further than taking a hot air balloon ride. An exhilarating experience, taking a hot air balloon ride over San Diego county gives you a completely new perspective on a beautiful area of Southern California.

Most hot air balloon rides in the San Diego area take off from areas near Del Mar; actual embarkation points may vary depending on the weather conditions. Typically you will be given a meeting point (local restaurant or otherwise easily located point of interest with plentiful parking) where you will meet your guides.

A hot air balloon ride can be great for a special occasion like a proposal or anniversary and balloons can be booked for private rides, but you can also book a hot air balloon ride with groups, which tends to be slightly less expensive.

Although it may be cheaper to take a hot air balloon ride in the Temecula area, the Del Mar area offers more variety for sight seeing, including a sunrise or sunset over the coast. Depending on the weather conditions, you may also be able to take a ride over some of the ritzier communities in the areas giving you views of incredible estates.

Hot Air Balloon Companies $155+ per person
SkySurfer Balloon Company $175+ per person
Panorama Balloon Tours $159+ per person

* Panorama Balloon Tours is highly recommended.

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