San Diego Zoo

panda at San Diego ZooOne of the largest zoos on earth, the San Diego Zoo is over 100 acres in total size. With over 4,000 animals and 800 unique species, the inhabitants of the zoo provide an incredible variety for visitors. Because of the large number of animals, make sure you dedicate a full half day for your trip in order to see everything that you want to. There is a bus that tours the interior of the zoo in case you want to hop from exhibit to exhibit.

The San Diego Zoo is very well known for it’s giant pandas, but also has 4,000+ varieties of animals from ant eaters to zebra and everything in the middle. In order to make the most of your trip to the zoo, it is recommended to try to make it to the park in the morning, as many of the animals wake very early and tend to be more active in the morning hours.

Despite it’s large size, the zoo is located very close to downtown San Diego, in Balboa Park, making getting to the zoo extremely easy.
Address: 2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego CA 92101
Telephone: 619-231-1515

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