Filming of ABC’s Missing in Hvar

The March 15 premier of ‘Missing’ on ABC goes to show just how long the lag time is from the filming of a television series to it’s premier on television. The image below is from the May 2011 filming of Ashley Judd’s new television show in the port of Hvar Town.

‘Missing’ is the story of an ex-CIA woman whose husband was killed in front of her young son. Ten years after the incident her son is kidnapped while studying abroad in Rome. This leads her to a mission to find him and allows the television show to film in locations such as Croatia.

Hvar Town hass a picturesque harbor and it is no wonder why it was chosen for this glamorous yacht scene and evening party beside the harbor.

While on location filming the television show, Ashley Judd was staying at the Adriana Hotel located just beside the harbor. Sister hotels with the Amfora Grand Beach Resort, the Adriana features a rooftop pool and bar with great views of the harbor as well as a front deck area for close up people watching.

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