Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island, CroatiaLokrum Island is located just 680 meters off the coast of Dubrovnik. This tiny island is a great way to escape the tourists and hectic crowds in Dubrovnik for an afternoon. With ferries going to island from Dubrovnik’s old port every hour ( every half hour in the summer ), the 10 minute ferry ride costs only about $4 and is worth the trip.

From the island of Lokrum you get a great view of Dubrovnik ( the view on the ferry is also worthwhile ) and the city walls from a new perspective. Once on the island there are numerous coves and swimming areas to just relax in the Croatian sun; including areas where ladders are built directly into the rocks to make it a little easier to navigate the natural, rocky beach areas.

While on the island you can take time to stroll through the Botanical Gardens to view the palm trees, exotic plant life and a variety of wildlife, including the peacocks that inhabit the island. Although you are still within seeing distance of Dubrovnik, the quiet and peacefulness of the island make it seem as though you are miles from the bustling city.

Lokrum Island beachAfter strolling through the Botanical Gardens, hike up to the top of the island to view the Benedictine monastery. Although the structure is now in ruins, it provides incredible views of the island and back to Dubronik. The history of the monastery dates back to Richard the Lionhearted, who is said to have donated the funds to build the monastery after being stranded on the island and falling for the island’s charm.

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