Lovrjenac Fort – Dubrovnik

The Lovrjenac Fort is located just outside of the Pile Gate of the Old City of Dubrovnik. At the top of a 37 meter high rock outcropping, the fort is has an intimidating look to it, as it towers of the city. The interior of the fort is quite open and you are able to wander about at your own pace.


Climbing to the top of the fort gives you a great vantage point to view the city as well as being able to see the defensive positions that had been used when the fort was in use as a strategic post. The fortress was also used for a period of time as a quarantine area for people entering the city. They were required to stay in the fort for a period of time to ensure that they were not ill and would not risk infecting the city’s inhabitants.

At present the fort is also used for theatrical performances in the summertime, including performances of Shakespearian plays that have attracted actors of worldwide fame, such as Daniel Day Lewis. These open air festivals are in addition to the parties that are held in the fort, when it used as a dance club with famous DJs and becomes a haven for a younger crowd to get rowdy in a historical setting.

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