Mount Srd – Dubrovnik

Taking the quick funicular ride up to visit the top of Mount Srd is well worth the time and cheap price for the tram ride. Visiting the museum inside Fort Imperial gives you a chance to understand the incredible, quick transformation that the city has undergone since the Croatian War for Independence, while offering incredible views of the city.

Mount Srd cross

Towering 400 meters above the old city of Dubrovnik is Mount Srd. A historically vital position for defense, Mount Srd has always been significant in terms of strategic position and security of the city. Although Fort Imperial, located at the top of the mountain, was taken and destroyed during recent conflicts, it now hosts a museum that provides a glimpse into the destruction that the city endured.

The museum located at the top of the hill offers visitors the ability to view weaponry, images and maps of the city before, during and after the Croatian War of Independence. Whereas the old city has been very much reconstructed, this museum gives you some insight into just how much damage was caused during the war.

Mount Srd

The top of the mountain, which can be reached by car, walking (about 90 minutes) or the recently reconstructed funicular (about 3 minutes from bottom to top), provides incredible views of the city. You can also see up close the giant stone cross, a gift from Brač-Hvar Archbishops District and made from Brač stone. It is well worth the trip to the top to visit the museum and get a glimpse of the city from this vantage point.

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