Walls of Dubrovnik

The most popular attraction in Dubrovnik, Croatia is walking the walls of the Old City. While taking this tour around the city you get to catch a glimpse of every area of the town, while getting to experience a piece of what it must have been like to walk these walls to defend the city.

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The tour of the walls of Dubrovnik allows you to see up close the five forts, 16 towers and bastions. This culminates in climbing to the very top of the tower that is in the northeast corner of the old city, Fort MinĨeta. These walls and forts have been vital in protecting the city over the years and are now a huge tourist attraction.

In addition to being able to see all of the city from a vantage point above the streets and alleyways, you are able to view outside the city to see the tiny bars that are located on the outside of the wall, accessible through hard-to-find doorways in the city walls. The lofted position gives a great view of the port of Dubrovnik as well.

Tickets can be purchased at any of the three entrances to the walls. Aim to take the walk in the morning or evening hours when there may be a few less tourists and it is a bit cooler, since there is little to no shade on the walk of the Walls of Dubrovnik. There is a cafe located on the walk if you wish to take a break on your tour.

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