Always, always compare airfare websites

When you are looking for airfare deals the only way to ensure that you’re finding the best deal is to spend the time and search all of your options. The more comprehensive you are, the better deals you will find and the more confident that you will be that you’re getting the best possible price.

Below you can see two searches that were done about two months before the departure date. These were researched using airline direct websites, online travel agencies and meta search sites (which direct you to a booking website in order to make your purchase).

Because there is no online travel agencies and meta search website that works with every possible airline carrier, you can never really be totally sure that you’re getting the best deal.

Boston to Las Vegas from January 9th to January 11th

Website Price Airline
United Airlines 312 United Airlines
Kayak 312 United Airlines
Expedia 312 United Airlines
Priceline 312 United Airlines
Orbitz 312 United Airlines
CheapTickets 312 United Airlines
Hipmunk 312 United Airlines
Hotwire 312 United Airlines
CheapAir 322 United Airlines
CheapOAir 335 United Airlines
OneTravel 335 United Airlines
TripAdvisor 408 American Airlines
Southwest Airlines 423 Southwest Airlines
American Airlines 503 American Airlines

PRO TIP: Always also try a search using an incognito window. When searching for the fares from New York to Miami using Kayak, the search that performed using an incognito window, which hides your cookies from the website returned different results than a regular search.

kayak results

New York City to Miami from January 9th to January 11th

Website Price Airline
Kayak Incognito Window 217 Frontier / American Airlines
CheapAir 220 Frontier / American Airlines
eDreams 224 Frontier
Expedia 224 Frontier
Priceline 224 Frontier
Hotwire 224 Frontier
OneTravel 224 Spirit
Kayak 225 Frontier
TripAdvisor 225 Frontier
AirTkt 232 Frontier / American Airlines
Orbitz 233 American Airlines
American Airlines 233 American Airlines
CheapTickets 233 American Airlines
CheapOAir 238 Frontier

When looking for international fares there may be even more options available, which means more searching. This includes both meta search sites, like SkyScanner, as well as Online Travel Agencies such as eDreams and Opodo. When searching for international flights, also keep in mind that if you have a credit card which does not charge currency conversion fees, it can be cheaper to purchase your flights from a non-US website, just be sure to convert the prices to $USD when you are comparing fares.


Website Price Airline
SkyScanner 491 / €396 Norwegian
CheapOAir 622 Icelandair
SmartFares 627 Swiss / United
Hipmunk 628 Swiss
Priceline 634 Swiss
Travelocity 635 Brussels Airlines / United
Lufthansa 643 Lufthansa / United

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