Save £20 on AirFrance flights – ends Oct 25

AirFrance is trying to promote their United Kingdom website, and in doing so, are offering £20 discounts on long haul flights from nine airports in the UK. This discount requires the use of a promotional code at the check out process.

Getting the most out of this discount:
– Since this offer is per ticket, if you are booking tickets for multiple people, book each roundtrip ticket separately to get the £20 discount per person, as long as each ticket is £140 or more.

You can now save €35 on flights made on when you spend £140 or more when using voucher code AFEIRE272.

Getting the Deal from
Choose a flight on on the long haul network
Enter your Internet Discount Code “AFOCTC271” at the end of the booking process
Click on “apply discount” to apply the reduction

Term and conditions for the code AFOCTC271:
– Flight operating carrier must be Air France
– Your booking must be made between 09/27/2011 and 10/25/2011
– You outbound flight made between 09/27/2011 and 09/25/2012.
– Your return flight between 09/27/2011 and 09/25/2012.
– Immediate payment over the website and issuance of an e-ticket
– Flight must originate from one of nine UK airports: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, London Heathrow, London City Airport, Manchester, Newcastle.
– Travel to our long haul destinations.
– Valid only for Economy (Voyageur) call tickets
– Minimum price of ticket before the reduction and application of any taxes, surcharges and service charges: £140

Full Details of this deal from AirFrance.

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