The Cavern Quarter – Liverpool

No trip to Liverpool is complete without a visit to the Cavern Quarter. Taking a stroll down Matthew Street gives you a taste of one of England’s most historical areas. Whether or not you are a die-hard Beatles fan, this area just has a distinct and unique vibe to it.

The Cavern Quarter, LiverpoolThe most popular stop in the Cavern Quarter is the Cavern Club, where the Bealtes played 292 times! The Grapes and White Star are also popular stops to pop in for a drink; these were popular destinations for the Fab Four as watering holes in the area and still retain much of their character to this day.

The street is littered with memorabilia shops where you can pick up all sorts of Beatles items from collector’s items to random souvenirs. Even if you’re not interested in actually redecorating your home in Beatles gear, a walk through The Beatles Shop is worthwhile just to get a glimpse of some of the off the wall items branded with the band’s images from children’s toys to records to housewares.

Matthew street is only a quick walk from the downtown shopping areas and is located near some of the town’s more popular nightspots. The Matthew Street Festival is also a huge attraction, though you will have to endure larger than average crowds of tourists, this festival is both indoor and outdoor and holds the title of Europe’s biggest free music festival. Being held on August 28-29 2011, there are musicians from over 30 countries set to perform. Read more about the Matthew Street Festival.

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