Anfield Stadium – Liverpool

For some, visiting Anfield Stadium is akin to making a religious trek to a sacred place. Others may view it as just a football stadium, but for anyone who has visited the home of Liverpool football, they realize that it’s a place filled with excitement and sports fans unlike anywhere else.
Anfield StadiumAnfield may not be the newest or most modern stadium for sporting events, but walking through the gates on game day is a unique experience with an amped up crowd ready for battle. Procuring tickets is not as simple as for some other leagues, as you need to be a member of the Liverpool Football Club to order tickets. If you are able to attend a game, you can often get better seats if you are willing to sit alone or in smaller groups.

By far the best part of the Anfield experience is being immersed in the energy of the stadium and surrounded by the die-hard fans. Be prepared for some serious cursing from the local Liverpudlians who are unlikely to hold back how they feel about calls made on the field.

Tours of Anfield Stadium

Regardless of whether you are able to get tickets to a game there are other options for touring the stadium as well. There is a stadium and museum tour on most days to get a peek at behind the scenes areas of one of the world’s most famous football stadiums with access to areas that most people would never see, including locker rooms. Peak season tours are £14.00. Off-peak tours are £10.00 and can be booked at the website.

Getting to Anfield Stadium

Cabs to the stadium from the city center are about £15.00. If you are heading to the stadium for a game chances are you can also share a taxi with other fans who will make up the majority of the queue at the cab stand. It is also quite easy to walk to and from the stadium; this does require walking along the edge of a highway but there will be a large crowd doing so following every game at the stadium.

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