Amadeus Symphony Rhône river cruise

The Amadues Symphony cruises along the Saône and Rhône rivers in southern France, journeying to a variety of cities including Lyon, Chalon-sur-Saône, Mâcon and Beaune before heading south through Avignon and Arles as it drifts through Provence. This itinerary allows you to experience going through a multitude of locks along the rivers and takes you to larger sized cities like Arles as well as giving the opportunity to visit nature in the protected areas of the Camargue.

Amadeus Symphony

Facts about the ship
Built in 2003, the ship is in good condition. There are four decks, including the top sun deck which features a very small pool. Amenities include a bar and lounge, fitness center, WiFi (costs 3 Euro per hour), hairdresser and restaurant that serves three meals per day.

The food was quite good and featured many local specialties, varying by the region which the boat was visiting that day. For lunch there is also a buffet option in the lounge area.

Locks on the river

There are 73 cabins and 40 staff members on the ship. The upper (Mozart deck) features rooms with full sized sliding glass doors and false balconies to be able to have a great view from your room. There are four suites on this floor; each suite has two floor to ceiling windows, one of which opens and have a large couch with tables and chairs for a sitting area. The Strauss Deck features standard windows which area panoramic and offer a good view from the room. The bottom deck (Hadyn) have windows high up on the wall which creates a weird, but not unpleasant view as your head is above water and the rest of your room is in the area of the boat that is submerged.

A European river cruise can certainly be an easy and relaxing way to see an area without needing to swap hotels daily and deal with trains or driving. This itinerary’s inclusion of excursions to the lavender fields of Provence and the Camargue and the sea as well as stops in the cities of Avignon and Lyon give it a nice balance of nature and urban culture of the area.

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