Ardèche Gorges and river valley – France

Sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of Europe, the Ardèche Gorges and river valley is a ridiculously scenic area. Taking a drive along the winding roads on the sides of the river can be slightly nerve wracking for those who don’t like heights but it is well worth it for the views.

The area is well known for the incredible opportunities for Kayaking down the Ardèche river. There are many places along the river where you are able to rent a kayak for the day. Because it is a dry and protected region, there are very strict rules about camping and there are no fires allowed at all.

Ardeche river valley natural bridge

While you are in the area keep an eye out for the wild life as well; you are very likely to see wild goats on the roadside and other animals that still roam these areas.

The winding road that curves along with the river offers incredible views and has spots all along it where you are able to pull over and walk out onto view points to get some great photos. This includes a spot where you can stop to take a look at the Pont d’Arc (Arch bridge) which is a natural bridge that was created by the river over time.

Ardeche river valley flowers

In the nearby areas you can also visit Lavender fields and other features of the Provence region of France.

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