Itinerary for 1 day in Strasbourg

So, you’ve got one day in Strasbourg. What to see? What to do? Where to eat!? Calm yourself, all the answers are right here. It’s a very small town, extremely walkable, with plenty to do and just enough time to get to the highlights in a day.

Because of Strasburg’s location it has been all over the map, or perhaps the map has been all over Strasbourg, being fought over between Germany and France over it’s very long history. This has led to a fantastic merging of the cultures into a city with it’s very own style of architecture, food and culture.

When it was built, the Strasbourg Cathedral became the world’s tallest building, passing the pyramids to take the title. This was followed by Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the city. Yes, Strasbourg has a strong historical significance. They also have great food.

What to see in Strasbourg

The Cathedral of Our Lady dominates the center of the tiny city and for good reason. The Gothic structure is impressive, ornate and contains the famous astrological clock. Tourists will shove into the small alcove to watch the clock go off. Be sure to get tickets early. The clock goes off at 12:30 but tickets are sold up to 11:30 and then again just before it goes off.

Architecture & trolley tour
Although the city is easily walkable, if you have only one day you may want to hop on the trolley tour that leaves from just outside of the Cathedral. This takes you around the city and lets you see some of the older streets with Germanic influence on the buildings. The Maison des tanneurs is a great example, located just on the water in a tiny square. Just in front of the cathedral, surrounded by touristy cafes are a few incredible examples as well, with intricately ornate, dark woodwork with carvings depicting sins and saviors.

Tour by boat
The Batorama tours leave from Palais Rohan for € 9,20 per person. This is a great way to see some of the outskirts of the city that are not as walkable – with limited time there is plenty to see in the city center. You get to tour around the city and go through the lochs to get a different perspective while receiving a decent guide via headphones. If it is nice out be sure to pick a boat that is not covered, as it gets hot in there!

Strasbourg France architecture

Where to eat in Strasbourg

In Petite France there are two great options. Both of these options are in a convenient location with great food, friendly staff and have local specialties. Be sure to make a reservation at either if you are planning on heading there for dinner.

La Corde a Linge, 2 Place Benjamin Zix 67000
Casual, good food with decently priced house wine. They also offer outdoor seating directly in front of Maison des tanneurs if the weather is nice enough.

Leopold Barzasi Marie, 23 Rue Du Bains Aux Plantes 67000
A more quaint atmosphere with incredible food in an intimate setting.

Where to stay in Strasbourg

I would rarely recommend an American chain when staying in Europe, but the Best Western Hotel Europe (38 Rue du Fossé des Tanneurs, 67000 Strasbourg, France) is in a great location. It has decent prices and clean rooms. Breakfast is good. Location is great. Walking there from the train station is about ten minutes. Friendly and convenient, it’s a choice. Did I mention it’s a good location?
Phone: 03 88 32 17 88

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