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The Camargue is situated in the Rhône Delta in southern France between the Grand Rhône and the Petit Rhône. The area is fairly desolate in terms of development but is home to many wild species that make for incredible tours, treks on foot and horseback and a great way to see a view of France that most don’t think of immediately when picturing the country that is home to well cultivated vineyards, industry and the metropolis of Paris.

The Camargue farm tractor

Wildlife in the Camargue
When visiting the Camargue you can see the wild Camargue horses from the roadside as well as a variety of wild boars, flamingos, bulls, goats and more. The wildlife here is quite a spectacle in the wetlands, which were named as a Wetland of International Importance on December 1, 1986. The Camargue bull is considerably smaller than most breeds and is used primarily for Bull races, when a flower is pinned to their head and a man called a razeteurs attempts to grab the flower in an arena. Unlike Bull fights where the bull is killed during the spectacle, these bulls are often revered for their bravery and strength.

The Camargue fields

The Camargue form horseback
There are many stables located in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer where you can take a tour of the wetlands aboard one of the famous Camargue horses. These horses are smaller than average horses, being around 13-14 hands when full grown. This gives you the opportunity to really go into the wetlands to see the area up close.

Location of the Camargue
Located just outside of Arles, this area is a great way to take a break from the cities of Provence while traveling through southern France. It is about an hour drive through the Camargue to get to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a touristy sea-side town, in the south of the Camargue from Arles.

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