Bebelplatz Book Burning Memorial

In Bebelplatz is the memorial to commemorate the burning of 20,000+ books on May 10, 1933 by Nazi students, Hitler Youth groups and the SS. This is missed by many tourists but represents a significant historical moment in time.

Situated in the middle of the square between the State Opera, Saint Hedwig’s Cathedral and across from the Humboldt University. Best seen at night, when it it lit up and you don’t have to deal with the glare of the sun on the glass, you are able to peer down into a room lined with enough solid white bookshelves to hold 20,000 books. The empty room, with no doors or windows is a symbol of the literature that was destroyed and to serve as a reminder. A very quick site to see but quite interesting and easy to pass by without heading there purposefully.

[map z=”17″ h=”250″ w=”100%” address=”Bebelplatz, Berlin, Germany” marker=”yes”]

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