Berlin, Germany

If you are looking for a city entrenched in history and culture, Berlin is the ideal destination. If you need a break from the educational side of the city, Berlin also has one of the liveliest club and bar scenes in Europe.

Berlin view
There are so many sites to see in the city, it is advisable to jump onto one of the many walking tours available ( or if the weather is too cold or rainy at least take a bus ride to the main sites ). From the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie to Museum Island and the Tiergarten. East Berlin tends to be a bit trendier and is constantly under construction with renovations. Even if you’ve been in Berlin in the past, it’s likely quite different now. Although Berlin does currently have numerous museums, monuments and memorials, new sites are springing up across the regularly.

Berlin has a great public transportation system between the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, busses and trams, it is quite easy to get around the city. Neither airport is too far from the city, but depending on where you are staying, Tegel Airport is slightly closer to the city center.

Berlin Travel Information
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