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Mike's Bike Tours in MunichWhen you are visiting Munich, whether for the first, fifth or fortieth time, Mike’s Bike Tours are not to be missed. They’ve managed to find just the right mix of entertaining and educational for getting to see the city.

Why take this tour over others?

The guides have a sense of humor and you are able to (to an extent) control the flow of the tour based on the group’s interests. The guides tend to be native English speakers so they are easy to understand and are able to point out a lot of small nuances throughout the city that you’d never notice on your own or with a guide book. Taking the bus tour of Munich is extremely boring because of the monotone, recorded guide (although it’s labeled as Hop-On-Hop-Off it didn’t stop even once while I was on board).

I’ve taken the tour three times and enjoyed it immensely every time, learning (or maybe just retaining) different information each time.

What’re the attractions in Munich?

This tour takes you to some of the most popular spots, starting in Marienplatz and heading to spots that include the Haufbrau Haus, the Maximilianeum (the Bavarian Parliament building), the Volksbad, Lukas Kirche and the Deutsches Museum. You also take lunch in a beer garden in the English garden, a huge area that you simply could not cover all of on foot unless it was the only attraction you wanted to see. Weather permitting, you’ll also the ‘naked field’ with some nude frisbee and the like, as well as a special spot in the gardens where the river is just perfect for surfing, a hot pass time in this land-locked area.

When? Where? How Much?

Meet under the tower of the old town hall, just on the edge of Marienplatz. You’re likely to see a crowd beginning to gather as long as the weather is decent.
From early March – April 14th, daily at 12:30
From April 15th – August 31th, daily at 11:30 and 4:00
From Sept 1st – Nov 10th, daily at 12:30

Duration: You cover approximately 4 miles in 4 Hours, including a 1 hour stop in a beer garden for lunch. This is a very leisurely pace (I have seen people quite old and young on the tour) — there are also very few hills to contend with.

Cost: €24, Backpackers* – €18, Kids from 5-12 – €12, Kids under 5 – FREE.

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