The World’s Most Confusing & Least Fun Travel Game

Air France and KLM have launched a travel game, Mr Miles, which will run from 17 to 26 November and will give away 5 million frequent flier miles. Awesome, right? I suppose it could be if I could figure out what was happening in the game.

mr miles

As far as I can tell, you guess a location which then forces you to watch a video that is neither informative, educational or entertaining and may or may not be loosely related to the location that you’ve selected. At that time a screen drops down to tell you that Mr Miles is already there. THE END.

I’m just not sure what the deal is with this game and wish that companies would focus on keeping it simple. It’s great to educate me about the locations that you fly to, but at least show some interesting and appealing images. Mr Miles kind of reminds me of the Trivago Guy before he showered and changed his clothes (not a good thing).

If you figure out what the hell is happening in this game please do leave instructions in the comments below.

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