7 Day Itinerary – Guatemala

For a week trip to Guatemala you want to make sure you see all of the major sites without spending your entire time traveling. Here are suggestions for planning your trip that allows you to maximize your time while being able to take in all the various types of towns and cities that Guatemala offers.

Gautemala Bus

Day 1 Arrive in Guatemala City, pick up your rental car and head out of the city to Lake Atitlan. As you’re likely to be tired by your trip take in all that Hotel Atitlan has to offer and, if you’ve got the energy explore nearby Panajachel.
Day 2 Explore the Lake Atitlan area, heading across the lake to visit San Pedro. Check out some of the local attractions like zip-lining or the Butterfly Farm for your afternoon.
Day 3 Head out to Quetzaltenango where you can see one of the smaller towns in Guatemala and experience more of a local feel than you’ll get in the more touristy, larger cities.
Day 4 Start your trek back to Antigua Guatemala by visiting another of the local, smaller towns like Chimaltenango.
Day 5 Drive on to Antigua and check into Hotel Entre Volcanes and enjoy wandering around the small city finding the perfect rooftop restaurant for your dinner.
Day 6 Get to know Antigua by visiting some of the city’s many churches and jade factories.
Day 7 Make the quick 45 minute trip back to Guatemala City to catch your flight home.

Getting to Guatemala

There are only direct flights to Guatemala City from a couple major hubs in the US so you are likely to need a connecting flight. For the best deal be sure to try Continental, Copa Airlines and Delta.

Getting around Guatemala

Renting a car for your trip throughout Guatemala allows you to really set your own schedule rather than relying on buses and other public transportation options. The buses can often be delayed to mechanical problems as well as being overcrowded on occasion which can lead to needing to wait for the next one. Just make sure you get proper insurance for your rental car even if it is more expensive; while the roads have been drastically improved in recent years it is still common for problems to occur.

Accommodation in Guatemala

Depending on your taste for hotels, you are likely be able to find some really reasonable rates for hotels in Guatemala for well kept, clean accommodation. Particularly if you have a car with you, be sure that there is private, locked parking for the nights that you are staying in city areas.

Guatemala Travel Information

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