Semana Santa – Antigua

The Easter time may be the best of the year for visiting Antigua, Guatemala. The streets of city are decorated with elaborately and precisely created alfombras or carpets with intricate designs which processions will pass over during the ceremonies that occur during the city.

Semana Santa Antigua Guatemala

During the Holy Week locals and visitors work together to create these patterns on the streets, consisting of colored sawdust, flowers and other materials. The creation of these colorful paths adds a unique flair to the celebrations.

From Ash Wednesday to Good Friday huge processions take to the streets with giant floats, religious figures and statues. These spectacular festivities are unlike any other. Watching the actual processions, such as when a float of the Virgin Mary is carried through the cobble stone streets followed by a thong of back robed women is sure to be a bit awe inspiring, but we be sure to be in town at least a few days early to witness the city eagerly working together to decorate the city streets in anticipation of the main events.

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