Biking down Haleakala Volcano – Maui

If you are in Maui you cannot pass up the chance for the incredible experience of biking down the Haleakala Volcano. There a multitude of options for which bike tour to take, but the overall experience of seeing island from the peak of the East Maui Volcano and being able to take in the vistas as you leisurely coat down the winding road is unbeatable.

Options for bike tours include a sunrise tour which takes you to the summit to watch the sun rise over the carter. Depending on the weather this option may not be available – be sure to call in advance to check. Because this portion of tour also means you are entering the National Park prior to the sunrise, there is a chance that the park may be closed making this option unavailable.

If you are unable to do the sunrise tour or just prefer to sleep in a bit, there are also options leaving just before 9am. These tours give you the same experience without the early rising and watching the sun come up. You are taken to the top of the 10,000+ foot volcano where you can see incredible views of the island of Maui. Following that you begin your descent at a leisurely pace and without effort since you are only coasting down the road.

The slow and easy ride makes it easy to take in all the views with multiple stops along the way for photo opportunities. The ride ends with coasting through a old-west style village and a stopping point on the beaches where the tour company will collect your bikes and gear, returning you to their shop or back to your hotel depending on the company that you choose to go with.

The Haleakala Bike Company is highly recommended, with professional guides that are quite serious about safety but who also manage to provide interesting facts and information while keeping the pace reasonable to mix enjoyment and relaxation without slowing to the point of boredom. It can be a chance to book in advance if you are unsure what weather conditions are like but be sure to check out rates and options prior to calling as you can get discounts by booking online.

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