Easter Celebration – Florence

There is no better time to visit Florence, Italy than Easter weekend. Although there may be a larger than usual number of tourists in the city, the Easter morning celebration is unlike anywhere else you could visit. Easter is also still early enough in the season that the weather is likely to mild and warm, but the summer tourist crowds have not descended upon the city.

Easter celebration at il Duomo in FlorenceOne Easter morning thousands of people flock to the city center, surrounding the Duomo to witness the procession. The procession begins at 10 AM from Porta al Prato, ending at the Duomo at 11 AM where the performance really starts. With a myriad of soldiers, musicians and members of the church, all in medieval costumes play their parts in the culmination of the ceremony in which the centerpiece of the ceremony, a chariot filled with firecrackers is lit with a deafening explosion. The sky in the piazza surrounding the Duomo fills with a pink-ish smoke and the crowd is awed by the display of spinning fireworks, church bells ringing and loud explosions from the chariot.

Be sure to get to the piazza early to ensure that you are able to find a viewing spot close to the area between the Duomo and the Baptistry, where all the action takes place. Some may also find it possible to get spots on the balconies of restaurants around the square that offer great views of the action.

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