Florence, Italy

Florence was the birthplace of the renaissance and is home to some of the world’s most famous art, including the David. While there are certainly cultural experiences and historical landmarks, the city is vibrant, youthful and modern.

Florence is a sight-seers paradise. Since there are so many possibilities for spending your time taking in the sites in this city, here’s a breakdown of just the must-do attractions. If there’s time left over there will be no issue filling up any free time.

Landmarks, churches and structures:

The Duomo & Bapstistry are the massive structures in the city’s center. The outside is the main attraction but the interior of the Baptistry is worthwhile as well.
Santa Maria Novella, the lesser known cathedral in Florence has an interior that is chuck full of history and some great works of art of historical significance.
Ponte Vecchio is the ideal spot to fulfill all your gold-purchasing needs while in a historical landmark.
Palazzo Vecchio is the massive palace within the city that is impossible to miss (and featured in the film ‘Hannibal’).
Piazza de Michaelangelo offers the best possible view of the city, if time allows make the effort to trek up to the top of the hill to relax on a clear day.


The Uffizi Gallery has works from Michaelangelo to Da Vinci and Botticelli. This gallery has it all so be sure to set aside enough time to see everything
Accademia (The Gallery of the Accademia di Belle Arti) is the home of the David by Michaelangelo – get tickets and do this first thing in the morning as the line gets extremely long

While the art and culture is incredible in the city, the market is also a huge attraction with tourists negotiating prices on all sorts of goods, with leather being the standout. Great deals are to be had if you take the time to shop around and allow the merchants to compete with one another.

Weather permitting, the Boboli Gardens are a great way to spend your afternoon after visiting the Pitti Palace. Visiting the Pitti Palance and Boboli Gardens allows you the opportunity in the city for getting a feel for the Medici family and their influence on the city. These gardens were first constructed in the 16th century and remain an impressive sight to this day.

Florence Travel Information
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