Santa Maria Novella – Florence

The Duomo may be the main attraction when it comes to cathedrals in the city of Florence, but Santa Maria Novella should not be missed by anyone visiting the city.
Santa Maria Novella, Florence, ItalyThis church has a central place of historical significance for the many items that remain there, but also for the important historical moments that took place here. This was where Galileo was admonished for stating that the earth revolves around the sun. Santa Maria Novella hosts works of art by Ghirlandaio and Brunelleschi, including the Crucifix that he carved in the Capella Gondi. Be sure not to miss the Masaccio’s Trinità, the first ever painting that used mathematical perspective of linear proportions, which creates a unique experience to view. The interior of this church, the first to charge admission in the city, is well worth the time and cash in comparison to many other options for spending your time in Florence.

The area of Piazza Santa Maria Novella is slightly further out of the city center in comparison with the visiting the Duomo, being located closer to the train station. The area is slightly less posh and tourist clad than the downtown piazzas, with Piazza de Santa Maria Novella being surrounded by pubs and, because of it’s proximity to the station, does attract quite a few pickpockets. If the day is nice though, this is a great place to relax on the lawns with smaller crowds than you would get closer to the market bigger squares in the city. There are also multiple great gelato shops within a block of the piazza.

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