Le Cantine

Stop by Le Cantine located just outside of the main square of the city for a huge variety of wines, olives oils and grappa for tasting. There are over 140 options for taste testing as well as varieties of cheeses and small snacks. The atmosphere is very laid back, with tables laid out to relax and enjoy the wines available with a small group.

This wine cellar holds some incredible vintages and is the perfect place to find out which wines from the Chianti region are the ideal match for your palette. From a Brunello de Montepulciano to highly lauded grappas, there are so many options you cannot taste them all. Be sure to take your time wandering around and getting the lay of the land before you dive in to ensure that you don’t indulge so quickly that you miss out on some the fantastic vintages you’ll encounter around the next corner.

You are able to get a tasting card, which allows you to taste test on your own throughout this huge wine cellar. Each wine is labeled with a price for a tasting and you can add these to your card so that you can pay for all those you’ve tasted when you are ready to leave.

Address: Galleria delle Cantine, 2 – 50022 Greve in Chianti.
Telephone: (+39) 0558546404
Email: info@lecantine.it

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