Mdina, Malta

Malta’s old capital, located in the center of the island is an ancient, walled city that is filled with tiny, pedestrian only lanes and more than enough history to satisfy any history buff. The city of Mdina itself has a population of only 300, which is quite apparent when you enter the tiny city through one of the entrances within it’s defensive walls. Mdina is referred to as the old capital because once the threat of pirates was lessened the capital was later moved to Valletta, which is located on the coast.

Mdina Malta

What to do in Mdina

Although the city is tiny, there are still multiple chapels and palaces. As in many Maltese cities, there are also interactive history exhibits if you are interested in watching a video about the city’s history, which dates back as far as 5,000 years.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral is located in the center of the city and is a dominating structure within the confines of Mdina. Tickets to enter the cathedral also include admission to the museum, where you can view a historical collection of coins dating back to the times of Roman emperors.

Getting to Mdina

Buses run from all areas of the island and are only 2.60 EUR for a full day pass. Because many of the roads in Malta are quite small the trip can take about an hour from St. Julian, Valetta or Sliema.

Mdina, Malta Travel Information

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