Copperfields Bar in Boston

When you’re in the mood for martinis and decadent appetizers do not go to Copperfields. When you want a casual, fun, anything goes evening definitely do head to Copperfield’s. This bar is a casual, laid back pub right next to Fenway Park that has reasonably priced drinks and sticky floors; it’s perfect.

Red Sox games

If you’re in the Fenway area before or after a game, the crowds are rowdy and the bars are packed. Rather than waiting 20 minutes at the Cask n Flagon for an $8 beer head half a block away to Copperfield’s and grab a draft for a couple bucks. This bar is the most obvious, somehow best kept secret in Fenway. Happily, because it’s not visible from the Fenway gates and it is a bit rougher looking than Game On or the other bars in the vicinity tourists are not flocking to the pub and you’re more likely to encounter a crowd that is more local.

Live Entertainment

Beyond the convenience of before and after Red Sox games, Copperfield’s books a variety of local bands for the main stage and a downstairs venue that doesn’t have the outrageous cover charges you’ll encounter at most bars in the Boston area. The talent is usually quite decent and the crowd is there for fun, not to be seen.

Sure, you could go around the corner and grab tickets for a show at the House of Blues but if you’re looking for a casual evening without wrist bands and ridiculously priced cocktails Copperfield’s is a great venue in the heart of Boston.

Copperfield’s Bar

Address 98 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215
Telephone 617 247-8605
Website Copperfields Website
MySpace Copperfields on MySpace

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