House of Blues, Boston

A couple of months ago I went to see Kasabian at the House of Blues in Boston. The venue is great for a show like this. It is not anywhere near the huge amphitheaters where you need binoculars or you’re better off just watching it on TV (face it, you’re just staring the at projection screen the whole time anyway). The smaller setting definitely adds to the excitement and a rock concert is good for the soul once in while.

KasabianI had never seen Kasabian before ( and didn’t know much of their music ). They put on an incredible show and I became a loyal fan about half way through the second song. It was that good of a show. Unfortunately they do not come to the US often, but will be touring throughout Europe at least through September according to their website. If you happen to be in one of the cities on their list I highly recommend checking out their show. Kasabian website

If the opportunity arises with an artist that you like, definitely try to check out a show at the House of Blues in Boston. Easy location. Great atmosphere. Some shows are 18+ so bracelets are required for 21+ and you’re limited to one drink at a time but it’s the price you pay for this type of venue.

House of Blues, Boston
Address: 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (888) 693–BLUE (2583)
General Phone Inquiries: (888) 693-2583 (BLUE)

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