The Hong Kong in Boston

While the Hong Kong may not be most tourists first destination in Boston if you’re visiting friends (at least any of my friends) chances are they’re going to make you experience the Hong Kong. And an experience it is…


The Hong Kong is best known as the home of the Scorpion Bowl. The Scorpion Bowl is essentially a big mixing bowl full of a fruit-punch tasting mixture. Although you may not taste the alcohol, trust me, it’s there. This is why the Scorpion Bowl is dangerous; you do not realize how strong they are until a few minutes later.

Unlike some other Chinese restaurants that also place a flaming shot of Bacardi 151 in the middle, the Hong Kong just keeps it simple. Since they serve Scorpion Bowls non-stop you can easily see why they try to keep the setup as easy possible.

The real challenge comes when there are a group of people and the Scorpion Bowl races begin, where the team that finishes their Scorpion Bowl first wins. Beware of the brain freeze, as the mixture is extremely cold in a bowl of ice.


The Hong Kong is a bit of a dive with a bit of mayhem in the mix. Expect to see people of all ages getting Scorpion Bowls and Teriyaki on a stick. Upstairs there is also a dance club with a very eclectic group of people. Later in the evening the Hong Kong does also have a cover charge so if you’re just going for a drink or two get there earlier than nine or so.


The Hong always has deals including $1 draft beers, $1 teriyaki, $1.50 beef teriyaki, $1.95 appetizers and $3.50 drink specials. This is not common and is very cheap for the Faneuil Hall area of downtown Boston.


The Hong Kong is located just on the edge of Faneuil Hall, accesible via the Green Line (Government Center), Blue Line (Aquarium) or Orange Line (State Street).

Hong Kong

Address 65 Chatham St. Boston, MA
Telephone 617.227.2226
Website Hong Kong Website

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