Under-Ocean Waterfall of Mauritius

The Under-ocean Waterfall of Mauritius is on the most stunning sites on this planet. It is all over Instagram, and for good reason. It is incredible.

The truth, however, is that it is not an under-ocean waterfall. The bay is only about 50cm deep. This small channel at the end of it is is slightly deeper and the water flows toward it. This is what creates the illusion of the waterfall. It doesn’t matter. It’s still spectacular.

There are a couple of companies on Mauritius that you can use to arrange a ride in a seaplane to see an aerial view of the beautiful island. One is in the North ( Island Wings ) and the other is in the South ( Lagoon Flights ). While customers of both give rave reviews, I went with Lagoon Flights so that I could see the waterfall illusion. It was the right choice.

The flight details

The ride in the seaplane is not cheap. It fits only one passenger and the pilot. For twenty minutes it cost about $USD 210 and it was worth every penny. Twenty minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but it was actually the perfect amount of time.

The plane takes off from Le Prarie Beach, which is close to Le Morne. While it may say ‘Hydrobase’ on the website it is really just a small beach. From take-off to landing the ride was smooth. It was much smoother and calmer than most of the commercial jets I’ve ridden on to be honest.

We flew slightly north at 2,000 feet and inland over some of the resorts and to get a glimpse of Mauritius’s highest peak. We then turned and went back down the coast toward Le Morne and the waterfall illusion.

From there the view was phenomenal and unforgettable. On the way back to the beach we spotted turtles lazing about and swimming out in the bay. Even the landing was smooth (and fun).

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