Castle of St. George

Towering over the city of Lisbon, the Castle of Saint George (Castelo de São Jorge) offers some of the best views of the entire city from the walls of this ancient structure.

Hop on tram 28 from anywhere in the downtown area and for €1.40 you can take this old style transport up to the top of the hill, speeding through the tiny streets up and down hills as you go. From the tram stop you can walk back down the tiny streets of Alfama to reach the castle.

The castle can be seen from almost every spot in the city, offering a great backdrop to a picturesque city. The castle can be best enjoyed in the evening when you can see the sun begin to set and it is not overly warm hiking up and down the steps of the structure.

You are also able to view some of the more recently found archeological remains from the structures that were in the area prior to the building of the castle that is currently open to the public.

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