Portugal is a beautiful country with friendly people, great food, fantastic wines some of the best beaches in Europe. A trip to Portugal offers the options to be immersed in culture and history in the morning, sunbathing on the beaches in the afternoon and enjoying a decadent seafood meal in the evening followed up by a world class port wine, all at very reasonable prices.

Getting to Portugal

Many of the major airlines fly into the Lisbon airport, including some very cheap flights from the airports in the United Kingdom. There are also great deals to be found, particularly from the UK to Faro airport in the Algarve.

What to do in Portugal

There are three primary areas within Portugal to visit so, depending on your interests, you may want to consider one over the others or to be sure to visit all three. In the north, the area around Porto is world renowned for the wine and relaxation. This is ideal for a romantic or gastronomical getaway. In the center of the country the area containing Lisbon is the cultural capital of Portugal, with more statues, monuments, and churches than you could possibly see in a short trip. Lisbon is also home to great nightlife in a lively city. The Algarve region in the south is home to incredible beaches and tiny towns where you get great weather and all the benefits of the beach holiday from lavish resorts to waterfront restaurants and bars.

When to go to Portugal

The summer months are sure to be warm and sunny, but this is also when the crowds will flock to the region. If you want the craziest nightlife experience go during this peak time when the beaches are covered with tourists ready to party. For a mix of culture and relaxation try heading slightly off season in May or October when the weather is still warm enough to head to the beach but it will be easier to get restaurant reservations and hotel prices are slightly lower.

Portugal Travel Information

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