7 day Itinerary – England & Scotland

For a week long trip to the United Kingdom you should try to mix in a bit of big metropolis with smaller cities in order to get a proper feel for the region. As each city has it’s own, unique cuisine, atmosphere and culture, traveling throughout the country lets you get a real feel for the variety within such as small area.

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Day 1 Arrive in London and jump right into the vibrant culture of what is one of the most exciting cities on earth. Since you’ve been traveling, head right into Soho for your first night and let the excitement keep you awake.
Day 2 Explore the cultural aspects of London, from the museums to the London Eye and Tower of London.
Day 3 If you had enough time to see most of the sites within the city of London, take the local train down to Windsor Castle or Hampton Court.
Day 4 Hop on the train up to Manchester to do some shopping and explore the small town feel of a smaller, English city that has a culture completely unlike London.
Day 5 Jump back on the train and over to Liverpool. Check out the Cavern Quarter, where it all started for the Beatles and head down to the pier where there are some incredible restaurants and bars.
Day 6 Take the train up north to Edinburgh, Scotland where it is time to get back into the cultural experiences of the UK. Be sure to check out the Scotch Experience and tour the Edinburgh Castle, as these are unique attractions, unlike anywhere else.
Day 7 Spend your final day enjoying the old town area of Edinburgh and getting into the real experience of Scotland. Head over to the Cafe Royal Circle Bar for Scotch and Salmon unlike you’re going to find anywhere else in the world, with an atmosphere to match.

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