Scotch Whisky Experience

When you’re in Scotland, it should be required that you test out some of the local beverages and the Scotch Whisky Experience is the ideal place to start. Located at the top of the Royal Mile, just beneath the gates to the Edinburgh castle, the Scotch Whisky Experience is educational and a bit eye opening for those not well versed in distinctions between types and regions of Scotch whisky.

Scotch Whisky ExperienceThe tour begins with a short ride in a ‘whisky barrel’ to watch a brief film about how Scotch whisky is made. It is not terribly exciting but gives you the basic information. At the end of the ride is where the fun begins. In comparison to most tours of this type at a breweries and distilleries, where the guide and information is all regarding a single brand, this tour explains the more general information regarding Scotch whisky and what makes it different from other regions. The tour also goes to explain, in some depth, the main regions in Scotland and why their Scotch whiskys are quite different.

At the end of the your is also the largest collection of Scotch whisky anywhere in the world, which is a bit overwhelming.

Standard pricing is £11.50 which includes taste testing a whisky from one region ( though you can also opt for an upgraded ticket which allows you to taste test additional regions – go for the full tasting! )
Your ticket also gets you a £2 discount on any 70cl bottle from the gift shop.

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