Top Reasons to visit Edinburgh: Scotch & Salmon

Clearly most people visit the United Kingdom and head directly to London. However, depending on your tastes, Edinburgh is also a great option as either a destination or a side trip from London.

Scotch Whisky Experience oldest Scotch

Get local with cuisine in Edinburgh

If you are heading to Edinburgh you really need to check out mussels and smoked salmon across the city. Check out the Mussel Inn for great seafood dishes. Hadrian’s At The Balmoral has some of the best smoked salmon and appetizers around. Though it is pricey, it is well worth it and has a great atmosphere.

Check out the local Scotch

For a historic building with a great, chill atmosphere check out the Cafe Royal Circle Bar. With it’s history and friendly staff, it is the ideal spot for before or after dinner drinks; it also has a huge variety of Scotches. To learn about the Scotch regions and figure out which is your favorite before you start sampling around the city check out the Scotch Whisky Experience, located right outside of the Edinburgh Castle.

Reasons for taking the train to Edinburgh

Getting to Edinburgh from London is quick and very cheap on local airlines like RyanAir or EasyJet but it can also be nice to skip the airports and security and just hop on the train, even if it is slightly more expensive. Another great reason for the train is to not deal with getting to or from the airport, whereas the train stations are directly in the center of the city.

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