Chandelier Game Lodge Farm

This is the ultimate spot to stop, relax and feed a giraffe in Outdshoorn, South Africa.

Outdshoorn is a must-visit when you’re traveling the Garden Route of South Africa, a trip that takes you from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. This drive along the coast and into the mountains is beautiful and varied in what you’ll see and the adventures you can have.

Accommodation at the Game Lodge vary from ‘Tents’ which are permanent structures that offer modern amenities to log cabins. I stayed in the Klein Karoo, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, log cabin. The website and online listings are a little vague – if you book this you will be booking the entire cabin (no stranger is going to pop out of the other bedroom).

The rooms are modern and clean with powerful AC, which is must in the semi-desert area. Expect some bugs or mosquitos here and there but it is quite comfortable. The kitchen was fully stocked for cooking as well if you’d like to go that route. The fridge was also fully stocked as a mini-bar with full bottles of wine, snacks and beverages.

Activities at Chandelier

They have a giraffe that lives on the property and give you the chance (for 50 Rand) to bottle feed it three times a day. You can also buy grain throughout the day but depending on the weather she may not be interested in that. Being up close and being able to interact with the giraffe made it a unique and memorable experience.

It also helps to know that the animal will be released back into the wild once it chooses to do so. Because of drought conditions many mothers can’t produce milk and so the young giraffe hangs out and gets bottle fed until it becomes old enough to be sexually active, when it will be returned to the herd.

The property offers game drives for a chance to see Kudu and similar game at 7:15 AM. You can also tour the grounds to see their ostriches throughout the day (guided or on your own).

Dining at Chandelier

I went for the pre fixe, three course dinner in the dining room at Chandelier and was very pleased. The food was quite good, particularly the Kudu Carpaccio.  The prices were extremely reasonable (drinks and three courses for about $30). The waiter was incredibly funny and personable, making my solo Valentine’s Day dinner really enjoyable.

PRO TIP: I found a great last-minute deal online versus booking directly with the accommodation.

Chandelier Game Lodge Farm Details

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