Stay on a Train at the Beach

This is one of the most unique accommodations I’ve ever stayed in. A defunct train. I had to try it out.

It is very much a hostel vibe in the place, though the clientele are eclectic. There are the twenty-somethings that you’d expect in any hostel. There were also quite a few people in their sixties staying aboard.

It is the same experience as going on an overnight train. The bathrooms are shared and tiny (though they are much cleaner than 99% of trains I’ve stayed on). There is a shower room.

The beds come with pillows, blankets and linens. But those are the only things provided. There are no towels or soap (not even hand washing soap in the bathrooms).

The nightly rate for a single was only $13 so you really can’t expect much. That’s cheaper than many hostels for shared dorms. Rooms also include a continental breakfast (toast, fruit, cereal, coffee) that make it an even better deal.

The highlight of this particular accommodation is that it is right AT the beach. From your train compartment you can see and hear the ocean. The train is slightly elevated so you can sleep with your window open and listen to the waves. Waking up to that view was worth the shared facilities.

There is also a bar and restaurant built onto the end of the train. The food is standard pub fare and is adequate, if not great. Drinks are cheap and the view is killer.  You can also walk down the beach to a handful of tiny of restaurants (fish and chips, sushi, braai) within 5-10 minutes.

I’d 100% recommend trying the place out for the experience.

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