Visiting the Cape of Good Hope

These tiny, seaside towns along the Southern Peninsula are tourist meccas for a good reason. Great beaches, fun bars and lots of shops.

You can take a car to the area from Cape Town in less than an hour (about $20-$25 one-way via Uber). Alternatively, take the train from Cape Town, which reaches Simon’s Town in about an hour (costs about $3 round-trip). The trains are not very nice, but the views are great along the ride.

Simon’s Town

Check out the South Africa Navy spot and possibly spot a submarine surfacing while you check out the ocean views. You can also head over to Boulders beach to watch the penguins hanging out on the beach.

Kalk Bay

Stroll along the shops and stop at one of the many bars for a cocktail. I like Cape to Cuba, where the atmosphere is unique. With sandal wood furniture and ocean views, you can hang out in a hammock or grab a seat at the bar to watch the waves. On the other side of the train station is {{{{}}}}} which has a few bars all crammed into one space. The views are great and the drinks are cheap.

St James Beach

This is a perfect spot for hanging out on the sand and just relaxing. This is also one of Cape Town’s most photographed beaches because of the colorful beach huts that are changing rooms.


The larger town on the Southern Peninsula, this is the spot where you’re most likely to find accommodation and wider range of restaurants. The beaches here are also highly rated.

Cape of Good Hope

This is not accessible via train, as Simon’s Town is the last stop. The picturesque peninsula is worthwhile for a trip if you’re headed in that direction to check out the tiny towns anyway.

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