I Love Free Concerts

If you are like 99% of the world’s population you enjoy getting free stuff. Many of us also enjoy music and/or concerts. I Love Free Concerts has officially blended these two magic concepts together with their website. Almost all of the shows are in the greater New York City area so if you live or plan to travel there this an incredible website for you.

The line up of tickets available on the website ranges from the biggest names out there, including Beyonce, Green Day and One Direction to more niche artists like Paul Oakenfold and Mos Def. The venues also range from smaller, more intimate stages to huge arenas.

Alicia Keyes
One Direction
Mos Def & Erykah Badu
Fall Out Boy

Be sure to check the ILoveFreeConcerts website often or subscribe to their email lists as they are constantly adding new artists and venues the huge offering that they already have.

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