Japan’s new 300 mph Hover Train

Japan is now testing a new train that reaches speeds of up to 500km/h (311mph). The train reaches such high speeds, that they use magnetic levitation. This has led to the press dubbing it the ‘floating train’.

japan train

Compared with Japan’s existing bullet trains, which already reach speeds up to 320km/h (200 miles per hour). This new maglev technology, which is responsible for the ‘hover’ effect decreases friction and allows the trains to reach immense speeds.

The Central Japan Railway Company is running week long tests of the Shinkansen train, with 100 passengers per trip. So far, the train has reached speeds of up to 500 k/h on the 27 mile route between the cities of Uenohara and Fuefuki.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

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