SniqueAway merges with JetSetter

On June 28, 2013 SniqueAway will merge with recently acquired JetSetter. Back in April SniqueAway’s parent company, TripAdvisor, purchased JetSetter for an undisclosed amount from the Gilt Group. Because TripAdvisor was already running a website for discounted, member only, hotel deals there was much speculation about how the two properties would move forward, as they are in direct competition with each other. The answer has been provided.

Snique-JetSetterSniqueAway has been around for a couple of years, coming into the member only hotel deal game a bit behind rivals such as JetSetter and Living Social. It also competes directly with Groupon Getaways, which are powered by Expedia (TripAdvisor’s former parent company until their spin-off). JetSetter had more of a first mover advantage in the space as well as being able to trade on the Gilt Group’s brand and acquire users from their established member base on the clothing and fashion side of the business.

Both websites offer basically the same value proposition of ‘hotel discounts of up to 40%’, so there is not really a unique aspect that will be new after the merge. SniqueAway’s main, unique aspect had been that only those hotels with ratings of at least 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor’s traveler reviews were eligible to be listed on the website. JetSetter’s inventory is not as restricted so members may have access to a wider range of hotels. JetSetter also offers deals beyond just hotel bookings, with sales on flights and other travel products.

According to the SniqueAway website, members will retain existing credits and bookings after the merge. For those who already maintain both JetSetter and SniqueAway accounts, the JetSetter account will remain and all data from your SniqueAway account will automatically show up within your JetSetter account.

JetSetter Website | SniqueAway Website

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