10 Packing Hacks to Organize your Suitcase

Follow these ten tips to make the most out of your suitcase’s space. These tips will also ensure that your clothes stay dry, your valuables stay intact and your clothes are as un-wrinkled as possible.

bicycle packing

Pay close attention to rule #10 and throw in a plastic bag to separate clothing

and shoes as well as keeping the stink of your dirty clothes from soiling your clean clothes during your trip.

  1. Roll your clothes
  2. Store bobby pins in a tic tac case
  3. Protect wine bottles with pool floaties
  4. Keep collars stiff with rolled up belts
  5. Store still-warm flat-irons in a potholder
  6. Store small bits of lotion in a contact lens case
  7. Store jewelry in a pill containers
  8. Avoid leaks with a piece of plastic wrap under bottle caps
  9. Put shoes in shower caps to keep clothes clean
  10. Throw a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes fresh

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