Earn Delta SkyMiles on AirBnB

As someone who travels for months at a time and stays in AirBnBs over three months a year, it’s always irked me that there are no AirBnB reward programs. Regardless of what you book or how often you use AirBnB there are no reward benefits.

Just about every hotel, airline and online travel agency has some sort of reward program these days. And I have slight obsession with collecting these points. I do book on certain websites specifically because I want to collect rewards, miles or points. Free travel is the best travel.

I recently happened upon a section of Delta’s website which intrigued me … you can earn Delta miles when booking with AirBnB.

How to earn Delta Sky Miles on AirBnB

The system is not perfect. In fact, it is a bit of a nuisance. But, I’ll take points and miles anyway that I can get them. Before heading over to AirBnB, go to www.deltaairbnb.com. Once there, scroll down slightly to the section with the button for Book Your AirBnB. Click on that and a layer will open so you can input your SkyMiles number. If you don’t have a Delta account, you can create a SkyMiles number in just a couple of minutes.

Important to note it that this means you have to book via a browser instead of in the AirBnB app. That’s a definite downer.

What do you earn from Delta SkyMiles on AirBnB

For each 1 US dollar that you spend on AirBnB you’ll earn one SkyMile. This definitely doesn’t mean that every time you book an AirBnB you’re going to earn a flight. However, you’re still getting something for nothing. And I’ll take that anytime.

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