GetGoing picks a Trip for You

GetGoing is a website with a slight twist on the typical way that you book travel arrangements. After you decide your dates and type of travel GetGoing makes the rest of the decisions for you, including your destination.

How GetGoing Works

The process is fairly simple, choosing where you are departing from (airport), dates of travel, category of trip that you want to take and how many people are traveling. Once you’ve provided the basic data GetGoing will provide a selection of options for flight schedules that you can choose from (including destinations). You then choose two of these options as your trips. As soon as you select the option that you prefer you can book immediately within the GetGoing website.

Categories on GetGoing

As part of choosing your trip you are able to select a region or type of trip that you want take from the list of categories listed below.

Adventure & Outdoors Beaches & Sun Family Fun History & Culture
Shopping Skiing Romance Africa & Middle East
Asia Australia & Pacific Central & South America Europe
Mexico & Caribbean United States & Canada

Benefits of using GetGoing

GetGoing is really an airfare version of ‘opaque’ travel products that have been around for quite some time, including Hotwire and Priceline. In return for allowing the system to select your flights without seeing which airlines you are going to flying with you are able to receive discounts on the flight prices.

Whether or not use GetGoing

While you may get some discounts by booking an opaque flight it is likely best to continue to search airfare options with meta searches and online travel agencies before booking. As with all travel arrangements it’s rare to find the same prices on multiple websites or even to find all of your available options in a single website.

GetGoing Resources:

GetGoing Website
GetGoing on Twitter
GetGoing on Facebook

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