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Hipmunk is yet another travel meta search available for the consumer that is aiming to add a bit more organization to searching for flights and hotels.

How Hipmunk Works

The process of searching for flights and hotels on Hipmunk is not terribly different from the variety of meta searches at everyone’s disposal. It does tend to be a bit of a personal preference on which engine your are going to use. One of the goals that is seems Hipmunk is reaching for is more organization and easier visualization of options available.

Filters on Hipmunk

When you are viewing the results of your flights search Hipmunk offers a pretty wide variety of options to filter the results to find the flights that best fit your schedule and budget.

Airline Time of day Exclude time of day Non Stop
Price ‘Agony’ Multiple simultaneous searches Airports

Hipmunk organization

When you are viewing the results of your flight search you can filter by all of the items above, including ‘Agony’ which is their terminology for a mixture of price, duration and number of stops. You can also then sort the remaining results by airport, duration, arrival time and number of stops.

Multiple simultaneous searches

This is one feature that is a bit shocking in that no other meta search, online travel agency or airline website has integrated the option. The Hipmunk interface allows you to open multiple searches in different tabs within the interface rather than needing to open multiple tabs or windows from your browser if you are looking at different options and trying to compare them. This is a big item for the bargain shopper or those that are able to be flexible in their travel plans.

Why you should at least try Hipmunk

Any company that has an attitude and group willing to create the Hipmunk Harlem Shake is worth checking out at least to see what they’re all about.

Hipmunk Resources:

Hipmunk Website
Hipmunk on Twitter
Hipmunk on Facebook

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